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Jellynovel 《Cultivation Chat Group》 – Chapter 1293 – Scumbag? Excuse me? crash fang reading-p2
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Chapter 1293 – Scumbag? Excuse me? giant tent
The important-bearded person shouted, “Plan A is damaged, execute Prepare B!”
Smooth Feather asked, “Huh? Are my outlines not transferring adequate?”
“Kidnapping the precious bride?!” Smooth Feather’s speech suddenly increased.
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Delicate Feather reported, “Of course, I am likely to decline him. We would like to guarantee the achievements of Doudou’s marriage, however the kidnapping plot senses quite exciting…”
Melody Shuhang quickly had within the command over Doudou’s body from Very soft Feather.
The main-bearded mankind exclaimed, “Fool, I am not just a ghost! How are you planning to ferry me?”
“Who will you be?” Zhou Li explained in a very serious speech. As this big-bearded gentleman isn’t a component of Dugu Bai’s crew, who on earth is he? And, why is he wanting to wreck the marriage?
Chapter 1293 Alibi me?
This significant attention looked want it is made of fire it burnt fiercely. Around the fire, a green pupil could be noticed.
Some of the individuals the marriage-cras.h.i.+ng crew reported, “d.a.m.n, we’re carrying out Plan B presently? Whomever organized approach A happens to be an idiot. It been unsuccessful so promptly.”
Music Shuhang felt somewhat uneasy. “What can you do?”
Gentle Feather responded, “It’s because what appear on the news nowadays are just the ones that could capture people’s awareness. As such, they attempt to differentiate yourself from others. Men kidnapping a lady, or maybe a female kidnapping a male would not be seen as information. It is simply the more recent stuff like a man kidnapping a person or simply a female kidnapping a girl that can catch the attention of people’s focus.”
It turned out the virtuous lamia.
Melody Shuhang instantly needed above the command over Doudou’s human body from Tender Feather.
Su Clan’s Sixteen claimed, “It’s like how a pet dog biting anyone would not be over the news flash, but an individual biting your dog can be.”
Two unusual stores have been summoned and picture on the as well as the major-bearded person.
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At this point, Zhou Li’s voice got. “Hahahaha! Other Daoist Dugu Bai, just quit presently. You don’t stay the opportunity. Seniors, make sure you help me to handle these wedding party ruiners!”
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“Excuse me?” The big-bearded mankind was dumbfounded.
After getting wedded out, Doudou may have his home, and would no more operate out and about. During those times, Zhou Li would no longer need to comply with at the rear of him to clean up his messes.
Currently, when performing anything big in this way, it would be embarra.s.sing out for just one to not have well prepared a whole combination of options.
The spirit ferrying technique? But I am not in doing my own system at the moment, may i still make use of the spirit ferrying process?
The top-bearded person shouted, “Plan A has long been compromised, execute Prepare B!”
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With Plan A removed, Dugu Bai required the effort to carry out Plan B.
For the edge of the gold program was an inescapable net that Zhou Li acquired build earlier on. Whether or not Doudou acquired not got the ‘power of virtue’ guarding him, the main-bearded person will not have been able to exit the system.
Two unusual stores have been summoned and picture for the along with the huge-bearded male.
Song Shuhang responded, “Maybe he’s Dugu Bai’s partner?”
Tender Feather excitedly explained, “Senior Melody! Mature Melody, did you discover that? They are attempting to kidnap the new bride!”
This large vision appeared love it was made of flames it burnt fiercely. Throughout the flames, a red pupil can be witnessed.
Two weird chains were summoned and shot towards and the major-bearded guy.
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Who the h.e.l.l is Dugu Bai?!
Su Clan’s Sixteen claimed, “You’re the person responsible for the first portion, so you’ll be the individual that has to deal with him.”
Instantly after, a soul-like thing appeared using their bodies and soared into the sky on the significant flaming eye.
Piece of music Shuhang muttered, [If it kidnapping isn’t linked to Dugu Bai… Who else would like to accident the wedding party?]
Track Shuhang replied, “Maybe he’s Dugu Bai’s lover?”
Who the h.e.l.l is Dugu Bai?!
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Soft Feather stated, “I be familiar with that. When absolutely everyone considered that he would grab the woman, he instead needed the bridegroom away with him, perfect?”

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